Oromia Foundation’s first Board of Directors Meeting

The Oromia Foundation held its first Board of Directors meeting on December 7, 2019. This meeting being the first gathering since the Board was constituted, the purpose of the meeting was to 1) get the Board members located in three continents know each other, 2) review the Foundation’s brief formative history and evolution of its vision and mission, 3) review and  approve the proposed Foundation’s policy, governance and  management documents, 4) review and accept 2019 performance report related to establishing the organization  and its proposed 2020 work plan and budget, and 6) identify and appoint volunteer senior management personnel.

Following introduction to the organization, progress report and work plan and budget presentations by a team of volunteers involved in the establishment of the organization and question and answer sessions, the Board unanimously approved the Board Manual and By-laws and also approved the appointment of the following nominees to various senior management positions as follows:

  • Dr. Bahiru Duguma – Board Chairman
  • Drs. Tesfaye Negeri and Ahmed Gelchu – Secretaries
  • Dr. Haile Hirpa – Treasurer and
  • Drs. Tassisa Kaba and Eng. Dr. Messele Haile – Oromia Office Representative