Oromia Foundation undertakes:

  • Knowledge & Technology Transfer: facilitate knowledge & technology transfer (from developed countries) to Oromia.
  • Support Education System: help Oromia education system by bringing talented human resources, technologies and associated resources to Oromia.
  • Capacity Development: directly or indirectly contribute to the human and institutional capital enhancement of Oromia( establishing training center across Oromia to train qeeroo/qarree and others on various targeted topics).
  • Bridge the gap: reduce any barriers /gaps between Oromo professional so that Oromo people from around globe (including Oromia) can contribute to Oromia development to their fullest potential.
  • Volunteering opportunities: create volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants to contribute to Oromia development. Foundation will mobilize talented volunteers and associated resources to support and complement Oromia human and institutional development priorities and needs.
  • Form partnership: form partnership with national and international private, government and non-government institutions to support Oromia development.
  • Facilitate the establishment of diaspora and local investor financed Oromia trust fund to foster Oromo youth access to finance and technology and expand employment opportunities.