Capacity Development

  • Directly or indirectly contribute to the human and institutional capital enhancement of Oromia (establishing training centers across Oromia to train qeeroo/qarree and others on various targeted topics).
  • Reduce any barriers /gaps between Oromo professionals so that Oromo people from around the globe (including Oromia) can contribute to Oromia development to their fullest potential.
  • Facilitate knowledge & technology transfer (from developed countries) to Oromia.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Create volunteering opportunities for anyone who wants to contribute to Oromia development.
  • Foundation will mobilize talented volunteers and associated resources to support and complement Oromia human and institutional development priorities and needs.
  • Partnership with national and international private, government, and non-government institutions to support Oromia development.

Establishing Center of Excellence

  • Establish centers (one-stop centers- indicative services include, but not limited to information technology center, entertainment and information centers, public library, adults/ children education, short-term training focusing on workforce development, leadership development, and business development skills)
  • Facilitate the establishment of diaspora and local investor financed Oromia trust fund to foster Oromo youth access to finance and technology and expand employment opportunities.